Friday, November 7, 2008


Today I attend the memorial service for Dr. Otto Helweg, a very accomplished man by whom I was initially a little intimidated, but who came to be a known by me and Jeff as a ruthlessly humble and relentlessly devoted follower of Christ. It was not unusual for Otto, during our home group meetings, to explain Greek texts from the New Testament in one breath and talk about the first time he noticed his wife's legs in the next breath.

My friend, Ines, wrote a glowing tribute. I will leave a link to it later. It took me fifteen minutes to write that first paragraph. I simply have too much to say, and conversely cannot figure how to say it all. But you should know that I was blessed for having known Otto. Anyone who knew him was blessed for having known him.

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ljshrews said...

I would love to hear more about your friend's tribute to Otto. I knew Otto and virginia many years ago, have kept in touch with them sporadically over the years and just recently heard of his passing. He was like a father figure to me and will forever be an inspiration of faithfulness and commitment to Christ.