Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Bean kicking. Most of the time it feels like a few little popcorn pops...and every once in awhile, I'll get a pretty firm, "Hey! I'm down here!" It's so sweet. I can't wait until the Hunk can put his hand on my belly and experience this with me.

We will have an ultrasound tomorrow to find out the gender of Baby Bean! We have absolutely no idea, and ironically, the peanut gallery is split about 50/50 with their opinions. Not that it matters what any of us thinks, you know. :) It's kinda already decided; however, I do enjoy hearing what makes people decide something like this. Most say, "I just have a feeling..." as their eyes trail off into the distance mysteriously.

So. I guess about 50% of my friends and family will be rewarded this weekend with the knowledge that their feelings were correct. And the Hunk and I will be 100% elated, no matter what. He said that I'll probably cry. I said, yes, either that or laugh from pure joy.

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