Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bigger By the Day

I can't believe it, but my due date is less than three months away! Until now, and outside of first trimester yuckiness, I have barely "felt" pregnant in the physical sense. Had TONS of emotional symptoms which isn't really surprising given my natural tendencies, but only recently is this little belly growing at alien baby pace into a pretty formidable consideration.

Yesterday I strategized a way to pick several things up off the floor by only bending down once.

I also felt the wind on the underside of my belly while I was walking outside. I was wearing a normal t-shirt, but a size larger than I would ever wear when not pregnant. And it still didn't cover. Oh, my.

I have announced it on FB, but not here, that we are having a baby girl bean. Her nursery is coming together rather nicely, complete with my bedroom suit from childhood. And it seems my anticipation of meeting her and holding her grows with my belly. Simply, words do not suffice.

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Alex and Jill said...

We need a pic of your growing belly! :)