Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Miss Having Your Own Home?

The short answer here is, "Sometimes." We've all given up some stuff to live together for this season. Some personal preferences suffer - little stuff, like me letting someone else use my cutlery and cookware (gasp!). If I haven't told you already, I really enjoy cooking and I enjoy having nice tools for cooking. But my stuff is in the kitchen, so we all use it to cook whatever we want. I see this in a positive light - that it helps me to hold loosely to those things that could otherwise become major hang-ups.

Unless the Lord has other plans, this sharing a house thing is just for a season. We're just trying to learn what we can while we're here.


Ines said...

i shiver when people use metal utensils on my non-stick teflon pots and pans.... but yeah, it's ALL going to BURN one day! Must remember. Must release.

bjonesnboston said...

you could stash all your kitchenware under your bed in your bedroom. you don't think that would territorial do you? :)